We believe everyone is beautiful with or without a cold sore, but we understand the desire to treat it without it being noticeable in public. Unfortunately, most cold sore treatments on the market are not makeup compatible and leave people feeling exposed and uncomfortable throughout the day. Our team has worked hard to bridge between beauty and cold sore care. Our patent-pending product provides buildable coverage and helps reduce pain for hours. Gone are the days between deciding whether to put makeup over a cold sore or noticeable treatment products.


Cold Sore outbreaks create visible redness and irritation. Our formula was formulated to conceal these outbreaks with the best of makeup technologies. Allows you to conceal the Cold Sore with as much coverage as you need.


Cold Sore outbreaks are very painful. Talking and smiling brings upon pain. Our formula contains Camphor and Phenol, which together, works to help reduce the painful feeling from Cold Sores.


Most Cold Sore treatments are formulated as creams, lotions, or gels, which require frequent applications. Our product, formulated as a long-wear and waterproof concealer, offers symptom relief for hours.


Cold Sore outbreaks diminish confidence in sufferers. Avoiding social gatherings, in-person meetings, or simply going about your daily routine is often the case because of the stress Cold Sores create. Our product conceals and treats, restoring the confidence for you to be you.


Because most Cold Sore treatments are formulated as creams, lotions, or gels, it doesn’t allow you to wear your favorite makeup. Our product, being partly a makeup itself, works great with your favorite makeup by creating a perfect base for you to apply over.


Your lips become dry and chapped during a Cold Sore outbreak. Our formula contains Shea Butter, Jojoba, and Sunflower to help condition and protect your lips.

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