Coverology recognizes the social, emotional, and psychological stress someone can experience when a cold sore is present. The stigma around cold sores often makes people feel isolated, embarrassed, and self-conscious about going out in public. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware that an estimated 67% of people worldwide have contracted HSV-1. Cold sores are widespread, and our team at Coverology believes it’s time to stop feeling derailed, angry, or depressed every time an outbreak occurs. Coverology has spent years testing every available product on the market that claims to help conceal a cold sore, but we continued to feel disappointed with the results. We knew it was time to launch a new product that actually worked, and our results speak for itself. Coverology Cold Sore Treatment & Concealer is a revolutionary two-in-one buildable makeup product that covers, protects, and targets painful cold sores. Coverology is unlike any other cold sore concealing method available because it provides up to twelve hours of uncomfortable symptom relief while creating a waterproof barrier that protects your outbreak when makeup is applied. Confidence is a crucial ingredient to feeling happy. Gone are the days of feeling the need to hide from the world. It’s time to take back control and leave cold sore worries in the past.

“As much as we want to ignore cold sores, unfortunately, they can affect self-confidence and keep people from reaching their full potential,” said Tal Vincent, CEO of Michael Vincent Beauty Institute and celebrity makeup artist. “Working in Hollywood, CA for over 15 years, I’ve performed makeup on many men and women, including A-list celebrities, models, young adults, and professionals, and I’ve witnessed how a cold sore can take over one’s mindset. Until now, our team has never been able to successfully cover a cold sore while helping ease the pain they create, which would make them less distracting throughout the day. Coverology Cold Sore Treatment & Concealer is a game-changer for our cold sore sufferers. At Michael Vincent Academy, we strive to prepare dedicated students for successful careers in makeup which involves education around skin inflammations that can happen at any moment. When it comes to cold sores, nothing has been able to cover, treat, and protect like Coverology” - Tal Vincent (not a paid spokesperson for Coverology).

Many people experience recurring cold sores, and they're not as uncommon as some may think. If you're experiencing a cold sore and would like to know how to feel more confident during your outbreak, below are some steps to help guide you.


Although it isn't necessary to hide your cold sore with makeup, you can feel an extra confidence boost by doing so. Our revolutionary concealer will help minimize painful symptoms while providing complete makeup coverage and protection. It's buildable and will work well under most makeup products. Remember to be careful when applying anything to a cold sore, including Coverology. You can easily transfer the virus to your makeup applicators and perpetuate the infection cycle.


A cold sore should never make you feel less about yourself, but we all tend to worry from time to time. It's essential to ensure you don't lose sight of who you are. Start your day writing down positive things in your life and about yourself. No matter how bad your day is, we all have something to be grateful for, and we can always point out our strengths. When you focus on what you're thankful for, you allow yourself to put things into perspective and focus less on putting so much emphasis on the stressors you might also be experiencing.


Consider treating yourself with a hot bath or a massage. Perhaps taking a little longer to sleep in will help you feel more energized. Although waking up earlier for self-care is lovely, sometimes the best self-care is listening to your body and getting extra sleep. Introducing a regular relaxation routine could also help prevent outbreaks in the future, as they're frequently triggered by stress and fatigue.


Stretch, walk or watch a yoga video to help boost endorphins and improve your overall mood and self-esteem. Movement, especially in the morning, can do amazing things for your well-being all day. It's important to avoid hiding when a cold sore occurs. So throw on a pair of shoes and head out the door. You're bound to feel much better about your day.


Maybe buy a new outfit or get dressed up with something fun you have in the closet. When you feel like people notice your cold sore when you're out, put something on that will take the attention away from your outbreak. Dressing up can help you feel more confident and empowered.


Life can be overwhelming, and having a cold sore will not make it easier. It's essential to take time to breathe. You can practice meditation or simply put your phone away for a few minutes. The idea is to sit with your thoughts and decompress. By doing so, you can help lower your stress.


That sparks happiness with all your favorite tunes. Create a playlist using Spotify or Pandora, or find one already made that makes you feel outstanding. Maybe create a mini dance and dance out your day in the middle of your living room.


Whether you're into non-fiction, science-fiction, inspirational quotes, romance novels, crime novels, poetry, or a spiritual text, find something that draws your attention and that you enjoy. If reading isn't your thing, indulge in your favorite television show.


Cold sores are one of the most common viral infections. Around 80% of people carry the virus, and while not all of them will experience regular cold sores, a significant proportion does. During an outbreak, it’s important to realize you’re not alone and that many other people experience what you’re experiencing.

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