Let’s be real, cold sores aren’t fun. During a painful outbreak, it’s common to want to hide your cold sore when you have to leave your house. Cold sores can affect our self-esteem and distract us from living our best lives. Don’t allow cold sores to keep you from being you. Now you can conceal while you treat a painful outbreak. Coverology® Cold Sore Treatment & Concealer is the first multifunctional product available that helps treat and subdue cold sores, while also minimizing their appearance.

Problem Solving

Our dermatologist-approved concealer allows you to cover and help disguise a cold sore outbreak. Allowing you to feel less pain throughout the day and go about everyday activities with ease. Coverology provides problem-solving products that give you results that you see and feel.
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Confidence Building

Coverology exists to empower you to feel confident when an outbreak occurs, giving you the power to control your cold sores, and not let them control you. Discover what we stand for and how we’re fighting to end the stigma all over the world.
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What It Does

The Coverology Cold Sore Treatment & Concealer is a first of its kind. Lightweight treatment that combines medicated ingredients with the best full coverage makeup to help disguise and soothe painful cold sores.
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